Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It's really amazing how far from humane much of humanity is. Above all, we value compassion as one of the most humane things we profess. Yet, so many in our world live by the credo: "survival of the fittest." So many are so tightly wrapped up in themselves.
Why is the Sacredness within others so difficult for us to see? Why do we value ourselves so much more than them? Why do our religious teachers hand out lists of compassionate actions to perform, as though we are all void of feeling. And, judging by the actions of most of us, perhaps we are.
So often people are simply "looking out for themselves." They never stop to do even the simplest act of kindness for somebody else. Instead, they let other people "fend for themselves."
And people always expect the worst from one another. They are constantly suspicious of anything that seems out of the ordinary. Often, they make assumptions, branding others "guilty until proven innocent!" In fact, the crime lies in their hostility and paranoia.

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