Friday, December 19, 2008

No Bad People

There are no bad people.
Oh, there are ignorant people: people who just don't know; people who just don't understand. There are people who are full of fear. There are angry people. There are hateful people. And there are desperate people.
But there are no bad people.

Give and Get

In our world, so much emphasis is made on having things. It is leftover from the instinct to conserve -- like squirrels gathering nuts to survive the winter that never comes.
But we live in a world where our basic needs are filled. We can survive quite comfortably. And yet, we still try to fill that desire to simply "have".
Once again, our "evolutionary holdover" instinct sets upon us, and we endanger ourselves and others. For all this wanting is greed -- a desire to have no matter what the consequences to oneself or to others.
Greed is the very basis of our society. So much selfishness. And so many suffer for the extreme selfishness of so few.
We celebrate our holidays by teaching our children to want even more. And we spend ourselves into debt trying to fill the hunger we've created in them. The cycle goes on from generation to generation.
And we forget how to conserve at all!

Where is the compassion? Where is the love? How can we continue to think only of ourselves?
How can we forget that we are all interconnected through the Web of Life?