Wednesday, October 31, 2007


People these days have no sense of the Sacred. They throw their cigarette butts wherever they please. They destroy the land, the skies, and the seas. They disrespect each other, treating their children and pets as property.
They have lost the ability to respect themselves. They simply go through the motions of life, having forgotten how to LIVE. And so they go from meaningless moment to meaningless moment in spiritual agony.
They are so empty of respect for others that they believe they can decide for others. They build their oppressive societies full of restrictions based on their dis respectfulness.
Daily we read the stories in our newspapers. Another shoot-out in a school. More dead children. Killed by people who don't hold a respect for the sacredness of life -- not even their own.
And so we live in a disposable society: where we believe nothing is sacred. We destroy our environment, our enemies, our friends, and ourselves. And so we miss the whole point of living.
We must rekindle the age-old idea that all life is sacred. And we must find that sacredness in everything around us: the people, the animals, the trees, the rocks, the stars! We must understand that this sacredness, both within us and without, connects all things together. And so you are a part of me, and I of you, and we connect to the environment, and the stars... Only when we rediscover this sacredness will we return to the harmony we've lost.

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