Friday, March 14, 2008

Fear and Meddling

Many people wonder why some must spend so much time obsessed with the daily doings of others. It would seem that fear is once again the culprit. For fear of others drives us to become watchful of them -- monitoring their movements in case they might decide to attack us. Again this fear is counterproductive, driving us apart rather than together.


Perhaps the greatest enemy we face today is fear. For it is an "evolutionary holdover" -- a survival instinct which is dangerous in the modern world.
Fear is the emotion which protects a living thing from dangers and potential dangers. Fear gives us the "fight or flight" reaction: we either face what we fear and try to defeat it, or we run away.
Many are protected by this instinct in the wild. But in our modern "tame" world, fear becomes an explosive commodity.
Fear works by making anything unfamiliar to us seem to be a threat. Over time that fear grows into anger for this threat, and still later it becomes hatred and rage. Much of the bigotry and injustice in the world today is the result of overgrown fears.